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Students employed by Coe College will be paid monthly on the 10th of the month (or Monday following the 10th) for the month before. 支付, students must be eligible to work, complete all required payroll documentation, complete an online timecard, submit their timecard by the second business day of each month, and their supervisor must approve their timecard and submit to payroll.

Payroll documentation required:

  • Incoming students should complete the required payroll forms in the student portal.
  • Returning students who have not completed payroll documentation before should confirm their supervisor has notified payroll of their hire, and can reach out to o-hr to schedule a time to complete the required information.
  • Required documents include federal and state W-4, I-9 and student pay form.
  • 所有学生必须提供 original, unexpired documents that establish eligibility for work. A US passport is sufficient, or the combination of a photo ID and other confirmation of eligibility to work in the US (social security card, 出生证明, 或签证授权). Please contact HR for a full list of eligible documents.

请联系 with any question regarding documentation or to
请求文件.  人力资源LaShunda McFarland & Payroll Coordinator, can also be reached at for information and questions as well.

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Once payroll is informed by supervisors that a student has been hired, payroll will confirm that all required documentation and eligibility information has been provided. Students will then have access to an online timecard to record hours. 

Students must submit timecards by the 2nd business day of each month to be paid on the 10th or the following business day if a holiday.

To access student timesheets:

  • 登录 my.coe.
  • Click on the "Student" tab along the top of the screen.
  • Select "Timecard Entry" on the left side of the page.
  • 选择 目前每月 时间.
  • Additional instructions for entering time are found on the student tab of my.coe under the "Payroll and 业务办公室" link on the left.

请注意: If students are not able to access an online timecard, they should
contact their supervisor for next steps. For payroll documents or eligibility questions,
please contact 人力资源LaShunda McFarland & 薪酬统筹主任,地址: or

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  • Students are either paid via Direct Deposit to a bank account, or their pay is applied to their bill (tuition, 住房, 等.) Students select this option through the Student Pay Form.
  • Students can view their pay stubs on my.coe by selecting the Student Tab, "My Pay Statement" along the right side of the page, and then selecting any pay date in red to see a .pdf breakdown of hours, pay, and taxes.