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8月10日, 科的校园在一场严重和意外的飓风强度的风暴中遭受了严重的破坏,这场风暴被称为德雷科,影响了锡达拉皮兹市和该地区的大部分地区.

The derecho hit at a time when some new and returning Coe students had already moved in, 其他人将在本周内入住. 值得庆幸的是, 没有学生, 教职员工在此次事件中受伤, and despite the adverse conditions of the storm’s aftermath, Coe工作人员保证所有学生都得到了支持, 他们需要食物和资源.

The storm caused property losses and cleanup costs of approximately $2.2500万年, 28座校园建筑和许多户外区域和建筑物受损,包括运动空间, 庭院和校园照明. Over 200 trees were blown down or had to be cut down due to damage, and many more required trimming and care to be salvaged.

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Coe’s physical plant staff worked tirelessly to clean up debris and make repairs, 他们得到了许多志愿者的帮助. 一组100多名学生, 教师, staff, 校友 and friends of Coe took part in Charlie’s Campus Cleanup on August 14. 他们花了一天的时间清理碎片和垃圾,并将树枝搬到校园边缘进行清理. Several athletic teams also have helped with cleanup efforts, and other members of the Coe community have stopped by to lend a hand over the last few weeks.

The city of 锡达拉皮兹市 was hit especially hard by the storm, and many Kohawks have been volunteering in the community to help those in need. Coe的社区参与办公室与当地组织协调,提供有关如何和在哪里做志愿者的信息. 超过100名学生, 教职员工一直在协助清理废墟,并在整个城市的社区提供热餐和其他服务. 随着恢复工作的进展, 科将继续为科霍克人寻找回报和帮助锡达拉皮兹人民的机会.

For those who would like to support Coe financially as we work on campus landscape restoration, 已经建立了德雷柯风暴救济基金. 您的捐赠将用于资助建筑物和构筑物的维修,以及种植新的树木和其他景观恢复工作. 礼物可以在网上制作 www.校友.mycanvas.romeodiverona.com/stormrelief 或邮寄至:

第一大街1220号. NE


Coe College breaks enrollment records for eighth year in a row

在过去的八年里, Coe College has welcomed the largest classes in the history of the college. As the fall term began, Coe welcomed the largest domestic first-year class ever. 除了, we welcomed the second largest first-year class ever.

“尽管面临当前公共卫生危机的挑战,以及8月10日席卷爱荷华州的暴风雪造成的广泛破坏, mg手游fpei5水果派仍然专注于mg手游fpei5水果派的使命,为那些想要追求全国排名教育的学生提供机会和负担得起的教育,” said Assistant Vice President for 招收ment Josh Kite.

“This year we are welcoming a dynamic incoming class. 学生来自20个州和8个国家,其中55%以上来自爱荷华州以外的地区. 这个班级也是mg手游历史上最多元化的班级之一,近27%的学生来自代表性不足的背景. 除了, 40% of incoming class members identify as first-generation college students,凯特补充道.

The last few years have proven to be a highly competitive market in higher education, 过去六个月也不例外. Coe is bucking the trend by providing academic excellence at an affordable price. 这所学校卓越的学术水平继续吸引着名列前茅的高中毕业生. 99%的Coe学生都获得了助学金, 通常情况下, 让它比公立学校更实惠.

mg手游是爱荷华州最好的实习学校,在全国4所实习学校中排名第16,000所学院和大学(普林斯顿评论). “mg手游fpei5水果派的地理位置和校友网络允许 学生有一个独特的大学经历. 为学生提供的实习和研究机会为他们在课堂上学到的知识提供了真实的应用,负责招生的副校长说 朱莉·克莱斯 股份 ’93.

Tre Cotton调整尺寸.jpg
Trè 16年的棉花

Protecting his investment by investing in Coe students

和许多科霍克校友一样, Trè 16年的棉花 他很喜欢在科的四年. 作为工商管理和公共关系专业的学生现在是联邦存款保险公司(FDIC)的金融机构专家, 他看到了保护自己投资的价值. That’s why he’s been a loyal donor to Coe ever since his senior year.

As a student, Cotton was known as someone who was involved in almost everything. 他是Lambda Chi Alpha兄弟会的成员, 是学生活动委员会(SAC)的成员, 在招生办工作, helped fundraise for the college as a Phonathon caller and served as a resident assistant, 在许多其他活动中. He also took part in once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as a May Term in Italy. “I still don’t know how I managed it all, but I would do it all again,” Cotton said.

Cotton began supporting Coe by giving to his senior class gift campaign in 2016, and he continues to donate to the annual fund each year on #KohawkDay or through Phonathon. 他还将自己的时间和才能奉献给了学院,成为校友理事会的最新成员之一.

科顿珍视他在mg手游建立的终身关系,并与许多朋友保持联系, 他在校期间结识的教职员工. His path since graduation has led him in directions he never expected to go, 也多亏了他在科的经历, 他觉得什么都准备好了. He also recognizes that when Coe thrives, he and his fellow 校友 thrive as well. “回馈社会是非常重要的,因为你的学位的价值是根据学校为所有学生提供的课程和机会而增加的,他说.

通过他的付出, Cotton努力帮助Coe保持其杰出的遗产和声誉,吸引来自世界各地的学生. 当他选择大学的时候, Cotton was drawn to Coe’s inclusive and welcoming environment, 作为校友,他很自豪能够为未来的学生创造同样的环境. “无论是成立一个新俱乐部, studying abroad or having access to improved facilities, 我希望我的天赋能让其他学生有机会利用科所提供的一切,他说.

To join Cotton in providing future students with their own valuable Coe experiences, 点击这里制作礼物.


Coe College announces 2020-2021 周四论坛 virtual lecture topics

Coe College is proud to provide the 锡达拉皮兹市 community with over 30 years of 周四论坛. 该系列讲座是对有兴趣从mg手游精英教师那里学习的老年人的公开邀请.
出于对公众健康的担忧, the 2020-2021 周四论坛 will be offered in a virtual online format. The online forums will be free of charge with an optional contribution to support the program. The 2020-2021 周四论坛 lecture series includes:

  • 9月:启示论 ——约瑟夫·E. 麦凯布宗教副教授梅拉肯斯基将研究启示文学在犹太教和基督教. 这将研究压迫时代, injustice or instability relate to apocalyptic groups across history.
  • 10月:1918年流感大流行 -历史学副教授贝瑟尼·基南将通过1918年西班牙流感大流行的概述来交叉分析当前的公共卫生危机. 报告将探讨艾滋病的演变和治疗过程中所涉及的社会和文化因素,并在最后回顾锡达拉皮兹市当前的大流行.
  • 11月: Thunder Gods and Flood Stories: A Universal Approach to Mythology? — Associate Professor of 历史 Angela Ziskowski will explore the social meaning behind myths, stories and legends that have withstood the test of time. The primary focus will be on ancient Greek and Roman myths but will touch on Mesopotamian, 埃及, 北欧神话和美洲原住民神话.
  • 2月: Scenic Long-Distance Hikes in the United Kingdom -生物学名誉教授弗洛伊德·桑福德将带领个人在苏格兰和英格兰最令人惊叹和最受欢迎的风景中进行虚拟之旅. 会议还将涵盖这些目的地的历史背景,包括英国内战对科茨沃尔德村庄的影响.
  • 马奇:你的水里有什么? 爱荷华州(及其他地区)水质 ——本·彼得森化学教授马蒂·圣. 克莱尔将深入研究爱荷华州的水质以及美国水技术和管理的历史. Discussions will include the impact of pollutants on human health and the environment.

In-person 周四论坛s will resume when it is safe to do so in subsequent seasons.
An optional contribution of any amount can be made at any time at www.校友.mycanvas.romeodiverona.com/thursdayforum or by mail to Coe College 进步 Services, 1220 1st Ave. NE, 锡达拉皮兹,ia5402 (please make out checks to “Coe College” and indicate “周四论坛” in the memo line).
欲了解更多信息,请访问 mycanvas.romeodiverona.com/thursday-forum.



Transforming the future of Coe College and our students begins with the Heritage Club. 遗产俱乐部表彰那些通过遗产计划或其他计划中的礼物来致力于学院长期未来的人. 当你给科欧做遗赠时, 你知道你为学院的持续卓越做出了贡献,并对mg手游fpei5水果派学生的生活产生了影响,你会感到满意. For more information and a copy of our Heritage Club brochure, 请访问mg手游fpei5水果派的网站.


9月17日——在沙发上度过的宪法日 — Celebrate Constitution Day 2020 with three Coe College 教师 reflecting on the U.S. 宪法和回答你的问题. 威廉·P. 和盖尔S. 惠普尔大学历史学副教授布里·斯文森·阿诺德将讨论宪法框架的历史背景, including the Articles of Confederation and Shays' Rebellion. 政治学教授布鲁斯·内斯史密斯将讨论制衡制度背后的行为假设,以及为什么它可能无法达到预期的效果. 律师兼工商管理助理教授乔希·克里斯滕森将介绍美国宪法第一修正案对言论自由权的当代应用.S. 最高法院关于 金属v. Tam.